Suggested Parameters for Presentations and Country Statements at HLM2

sec HLMThe 2nd High Level Meeting will bring together about 100 government officials from up to 36 countries in Asia and the Pacific to discuss and share the progress, experience, problems and challenges in the survival, development and protection of the nearly 1.2 billion children in the region, on the three topics of-

– Adolescents: current rights for future opportunities
– Fulfilling child rights with Early Childhood Development
– Urban settings as an opportunity for realizing all child rights.
Participants will also assess progress and advances in South-South cooperation in follow up to the 1st High Level Meeting held in Beijing in November 2010.
Each participating country will have the opportunity to take the floor to make either a presentation or to issue a country statement under one of the above topics. The countries identified to make presentations were selected on the basis of known successful practices in the region.
There will be opportunity for some discussion in the plenary sessions if the speakers keep to their time allocation. For this reason it will be important that the guidelines below are adhered to.
Presentations will be 10 minutes in length and made from the podium. They are intended to provide an in-depth, practical example of how the country addressed one of the policy issues covered in the policy paper for the identified theme. To keep the focus on South-South cooperation and sharing of experiences, the presentation could provide brief background information and description of what the country’s action consisted of, concentrating on ‘how’ it was done and ‘how’ challenges were overcome, with a critical qualitative overview of the results and outcomes for children. The presentation might also briefly mention other experiences for sharing, and/or issues on which the country would like to learn from the experience of others.
Country Statements will be 5 minutes in length and made from the floor. They provide the opportunity for the country to share programmes or interventions in the identified thematic focus area which they feel could provide a model or experience for South-South cooperation, as well as to indicate issues where they would like to learn from the experiences of other countries.
In the presentation or country statement it is of course acceptable to combine among the three themes where the experience reflects this, such as adolescents in urban settings.
All countries, whether making a Presentation or a Country Statement, will have the opportunity in addition to submit written papers or statements on experiences on any of the topics they consider of value to be shared. These papers will be posted on the website, and speakers can refer to the posted papers in their intervention. In order to organize materials for the meeting and prepare them for posting, electronic copies of the presentations, statements and any other documents (written statements or papers) should be submitted to by 15 October 2013. Countries should please indicate along with the submission if they plan to bring hard copies of documents, so that appropriate space can be planned for their display.